A Letter to Myself

This is my presentation from L level to I level in Web International English.

Dear Nan,

Everyday you shuttle between home and company, so that you have not talked with me for a long time, so I decide to take this chance to write a letter for you. Time flies, you have entered the 27th spring of your life. I know this is an anxious and confused age to you. 4 years ago, when you graduated from university, you moved to ShangHai with curiosity and hope, however, now you feel like a wanderer in this city. You don’t know where you can go if you leave. How you wish that someday when you wake up, you’ll be a place where all of your troubles have disappeared.

Honey, I completely understand you, but this is life, people will face different troubles at different ages. Do you still remember the lines in the move Leon? “Is life always this hard, or is it just when you are a kid?” “Always like this.” Too much anxiety won’t help. One determinate thing is to do a good job in the present. You have so many plans, but just finished few of them. Don’t find excuses to put them off any more, actions are very important. Tell a truth, sometimes you are like a coward. Why don’t believe yourself that you can make it? All the experience at this time will become precious memory when you are old, whether it is good or not. Don’t care too much about what others say, only you know what you want.

Honey, recently I feel you speak less and less. Why? Don’t take busyness as an excuse to ignore your friends. All the splendor in the world is not worth a good friend. Even though they don’t contact with you first, you can call them on your own initiative. Especially talk with your parents more often, since you worked the days you stay with them can be reckoned up on the fingers of one hand. Remember those who ever helped you and try to help others.

Finally, the most important thing is to take care of yourself well. Do exercise outside when the whether is good. Try to go to bed before half past eleven every night. Stay away from junk food and eat fruits and vegetables. Don’t give yourself too much pressure. When you feel exhausted, have a good sleep, next day will be a new beginning.

Aha, it seems that it’s a little difficult to let me like you. However sometimes I still admire you very much. At the end, I want to share you a word from The Moon and Sixpence, “Do your best to live this ordinary life”.