Introduce Software Development Engineers

This is my presentation from B level to L level in Web International English.

Nowadays people nearly can’t live without the internet. It is many engineers who develop these products. After graduating from college I decided to become one of them. And since then I have worked on developing mobil applications for several years. In China, people are used to calling us programmer. Today I want to say something about these programmers.

You may already read some articles about programmers. They say programmers are stiff with poor communication skills. Most of them don’t have enough time to find a romantic partner. The way they hit on girls is to help theme repair the computer. They often have to work overtime, and when they are not at work, they love to play computer games at home.

Some people like to make fun of programmers’ appearance. They say if you see someone wearing a pair of jeans、a plaid T-shirt, a pair of black-rimmed glasses, and carrying a backpack. And his hair is messy. Then he must be a programmer. Some people even are surprised to see that female programmers dress up nicely.

You may think that’s all about programmers if you don’t know them very well. But today I want to tell you what a group of lovely people the programmers are. They are clever and love learning. As you see, there are many programmers learning English here. They have to do a lot of self study to enhance their professional skills, and spend lot of time on practice. That’s why they always work on the computer. They love sharing what they have learned. Most of them have a technology blog. (I also have one.) They are still humorous.

These pictures show how they make fun of themselves. Surly programming is not the only thing they like to do. They also have many hobbies. Among the programmers I know some like traveling、some like taking photos、some like playing guitar、some sing songs very well, and so on. In addition, a good programmer is always creative and hard-working and responsible in their work.

I hope people don’t hold their prejudice against programmers. In fact, we shouldn’t stereotype anyone.